Vision Statement

We are people with deep passion to engage with God as our hearts are ignited by His love and tangible presence. We are committed to dynamic, genuine relationships, becoming transformed followers of Jesus and dedicated to the training, equipping and releasing of each individual to fulfill their spiritual destiny in Christ. As a multigenerational church, we are investing in the next generation, extending the Kingdom of God and His love for humanity in a culturally relevant manner, and addressing local and worldwide injustice.

Our vision is captured with three words and their related symbols:


To engage implies the deep intimacy of a Father/son, Father/daughter relationship that the Lord desires to enjoy with us. We therefore engage with God, the consuming fire of our lives, who fill us with His passionate love.


To be ignited is the explosive force of the Lord's powerful love lighting the deep passions within our souls. We are then ignited by the fire of God's love, where He Himself becomes our primary passion.


To extend is the reaching out beyond ourselves to love as God loves, touching the brokenhearted, setting the spiritual captives free and welcoming back those who have distanced themselves from the Lord. All of this can occur when we extend the love of God to others due to the fiery passion of His love within us.