The Vineyard Movement

The Vineyard Christian Fellowship in Anaheim, California, was birthed in May of 1977 and led by international speaker and church consultant, John Wimber. From the beginning we embraced certain values that are still part of the Vineyard today: a heart of worship, passion for Jesus, compassion for the lost and the prodigal, maturing relationships, a de-emphasis of religious form, ministry by all members, an open, informal style, and a strong desire for spiritual reality and integrity.

As the leader of this movement, Wimber pastored the pastors and encouraged the planting of churches around the world. There are currently around 1,000 churches in over 60 countries. God has shown us, however, that His desire for us is not to just build the Vineyard, but to promote His Kingdom by building and loving the whole Church, freely giving to them anything He has given us.

The Atascadero Vineyard Christian Fellowship began in July of 1981 as a church plant out of the San Luis Obispo Vineyard. Roger became the Senior Pastor of the church in September 1993, relocated the church to south Paso Robles and changed the name to Vineyard Church Twin Cities. We have recently changed the name of our fellowship to Crossroads North County to reflect what we believe God is doing in our community. Recently, Jack Little, the original church planter of the SLO Vineyard and several other churches, has joined us. We anticipate great things ahead!

With our vision to engage, ignite and extend, we know that the fire of God's love is contagious. He sent His Holy Spirit to engage His people with so much passion for Him that their lives will be ignited with His love in order to both be filled with love for Him and to be sent out to extend His love toward others. The effect is a dynamite explosion that radically changes our lives, which in turn engages and ignites the hearts of those around us.

Roger and Tricia's History with the Vineyard

Roger became a Christian in 1971 through Lonnie Frisbee and Calvary Chapel in Riverside. Later he became a youth minister with the Yorba Linda Friends Church from 1975-6 while attending Azusa Pacific University. After graduating with a degree in Communication Arts, he joined about twenty others from the Friends Church who were gathering on Sunday nights during the winter of 1976 in a Yorba Linda home seeking more of Jesus. Roger came out of the Jesus movement and was very familiar with signs and wonders and the gifts of the Holy Spirit. The others had been part of a conservative evangelical church and were simply wanting more. They came together in order to worship, pray and seek His face. Soon there were more than sixty people in the home and John Wimber began to lead the group.

After becoming an official church in May of the following year, Roger asked John if he could organize a few concerts in the nearby park. In August, 1977, there were two gals who accepted Jesus after the concert, one of them a young girl who was never seen again, the other, Tricia Donaldson, later to become Roger's wife. Tricia is now recognized as the first convert of the Vineyard under Wimber, a convert that came by way of her future husband's efforts to reach the lost!

Roger was a lay leader in four different Vineyard churches over the years, facilitating small groups and leading small group and Sunday morning worship. He and Tricia moved to Santa Maria in order to re-unite with his best friend, Carl Tuttle, who was the pastor of the Santa Maria Vineyard. Ordained in 1992, he then moved his family to Atascadero in order to pastor the church in that city, where he and Tricia reside to this day. They have three grown children,